About me

After having practiced different trades in various locations, I am now back for good in south-western France where I was born and raised, and where I belong.

I admire Matisse, Derain, Rothko, Soulages … and many others

I love colours, blues in particular, light, depth, complexity.

I lived the early days of digital technologies, before the Internet and the social networks. I trained and worked with bits, pixels and digital signal processing techniques.

Today I enjoy roaming what I call the “Digital Depths”, those image layers way below the figurative and the meaningful where lives the Pixel, quantum of light and colour. 

I endeavour to build colourful, bright, deep, complex images from simple pixel fields (tiny details extract from digital photographs), which I combine, overlay, stack and otherwise process without restraint. 

Once in a while, when the result feels right, I store the image and put it aside. If I keep coming back to it regularly and find my mind diving at length across the layers and structures, I then know I have another Digital Depth Image.

My two-, three- and four-part images result from different processing sequences applied to the exact same pixel fields.